The English department has been working  as a united team  so as to have and follow the same guidelines and evaluation system. Students receive a bilingual education from pre-elementary levels to third grade, in the case of fourth grade, they have certain subjects in English and the eight hours English classes per week. Finally, from 5th grade to secondary levels, students have among 6 and 8 hours per week depending on their level.

Students from 1st to 4th grade are evaluated in 4 cognitive areas :Speaking , Listening  Reading and Writing. Whereas Students from 5th to secondary levels are  evaluated in 5 cognitive areas :Speaking , Listening , Reading , Writing and Use of English. Our programme aims to recognize and determine students’s weaknesses and strengths in each language ability.

Students are also invited to take international examination tests produced by the University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations. For lower levels students are welcome to take the University of Cambridge Preliminary English Test ( PET )and for upper level students, The First Certificate in English  (FCE) , which are part of a suite of general English examinations that have similar characteristics but are designed for different levels of English language ability. PET and FCE examination are widely recognized in commerce and industry and in individual university faculties and other educational institutions.

As a tradition the English department organizes the Annual English Festival which is the time for our students to show their abilities in the English language as well as  their potential as excellent and outstanding performers.